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Welcome to SiteBike CMS Plus 2.5. This is the easiest way ever to get your business, organization, or household on the World Wide Web! 

Whether you're a new CMS Plus user, or have upgraded from a previous edition, you're sure to appreciate the range of powerful features we've included. As always, if you have comments or suggestions or samples of the work you create with CMS Plus we'd like to hear from you.

What's New in CMS Plus 2.5

  • HTML5 Compatible Frames and Tables
    Design frames and tables based on HTML5! Take advantage of HTML5's heading tags to get your web site noticed in your web visitor's favourite search engines.
  • Split your page into Webparts!
    Draggable Webparts support is now brought to your CMS Plus project with the Framed Document Tool. Add a framed menu or navigation frame or view page-in-page with multiple frames in the same browser window.
  • Attach code to objects,add HTML and script! Apply HTML code to objects, table cells, HTML fragments and complete pages apply scripts (with embedded or linked supporting files) to increase user interaction. insert tokens as dynamic placeholders to include dates, colours, page titles, file names, etc. Auto-generate HTML IDs for any object to allow JavaScript manipulation. Interested in getting down to HTML basics? Develop raw HTML pages, all navigable via CMS Plus's Site Structure.
  • Manage by file and folder structure!  Use File Manager to manage your web site. View underlying folder structures, create your own folders, add different file types and rename from within CMS Plus.

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